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2-3 minutes read
By Titus Wormer

Migrating from v2 to v3

A couple small changes this time around. For most folks, updating Node.js and plugins is all that’s needed!


Update Node.js

If you’re still on old Node, it’s time to update. Use at least Node 16.

Update plugins

If you use rehype and remark plugins: update.

Most of them remain working between versions. Particularly if you use TypeScript, there was a breaking internal change in the types, which is now supported here. There were also some small internal changes in how the parser works, which affect remark-gfm and remark-math.

Pass baseUrl to evaluate, run

If you use evaluate or run (or outputFormat: 'function-body'), you should pass the baseUrl option. Likely set to import.meta.url.

If MDX content uses export statements, import expressions/statements, or import.meta.url, we compile to code that works, but it needs to know where the code runs: you need to pass where you are.

You will get a runtime error if these features are used in MDX without baseUrl.

If you passed the useDynamicImport option before, remove it, the behavior is now the default.

If you use react/jsx-runtime, you might get a TypeScript error (such as Property 'Fragment' is missing in type), because it is typed incorrectly. To remediate this, do:

import {type Fragment, type Jsx, run} from '@mdx-js/mdx'
import * as runtime_ from 'react/jsx-runtime'

// @ts-expect-error: the automatic react runtime is untyped.
const runtime: {Fragment: Fragment; jsx: Jsx; jsxs: Jsx} = runtime_

const result = await run('# hi', {...runtime, baseUrl: import.meta.url})

Use the automatic JSX runtime

If you use the classic runtime, switch to the automatic runtime. Classic is still supported but you will now see a warning if you use the classic JSX runtime.

The classic runtime can still be nice in other places, but it causes potential problems in MDX. If you specify jsxRuntime: 'classic' (and pragma, pragmaFrag, pragmaImportSource), consider switching to automatic. All major frameworks support the automatic runtime. Support for the classic runtime will likely be removed next major.

Replace MDXContext, withMDXComponents with useMDXComponents

If you use the deprecated symbols MDXContext and withMDXComponents, use useMDXComponents instead.

Reminder: you probably don’t need the context based @mdx-js/react or @mdx-js/preact packages.

Replace @mdx-js/register with @mdx-js/node-loader

If you use the deprecated package @mdx-js/register, use @mdx-js/node-loader instead.